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Gizmodo Challenge Light Box

Goose Egg Entry Photo
Goose Egg Entry Photo

Kevin Building Lightbox
Kevin Building Lightbox

This week’s Gizmodo Challenge was a husband and wife collaboration.  We were supposed to build a light box and take a photo of something interesting inside it.  I had  no idea what a light box was or does…but now that I do, I am sure it’s going to come in very handy in the future.  All the things I’m learning…who knew!!

We didn’t do too bad either…kinda like the 49’ers!  We almost won!

Trying Out the Lightbox
Trying Out the Lightbox

Take Your Wives to Work Day

Miso Soup
Miso Soup

Going to work can be loads of fun…especially when you are not the one working!

Kevin recently moved offices and the company he works for  is now renting space in a garage/loft/photo studio about an hour away. I’ve been meaning to go visit for quite a while so I jumped at Gina’s offer to go together and have lunch with our husbands one day during the week!

Smart Patients
Smart Patients from the outside

We met for a bowl of ramen at Shalala downtown Mountain View before heading over to the Smart Patients office.

Kevin’s office certainly did not look like much from the outside…just your typical garage…but was oh so charming and had so many little surprises of delight inside!

The garage belongs to photographer Chris Conroy…and I was simply stunned by the beautiful photos that hung on the wall.  Next time I go visit, I hope to meet Chris and maybe get a few pointers from him on how to improve my photography cause his work is simply amazing!


We got the full tour of the photo studio and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo shoot. So thank you Tom for my portofolio photos…you know what to do if you get tired of Google!

I loved Kevin’s office maybe because it looked nothing like an office. It’s just a fun and interesting place where workers meet to work hard to make a great company!  I like!! The studio/office has quirky creative art all over…from Dismembered Hands and disconnected fire hydrants to toilets posing as electric chairs…love it! So so cool!

We left Smart Patients and set off  to Google to see where Tom goes five days a week!!  I’ve never seen anything like it!  The feeling took me back the first time I went to Disneyland!  The same excitement you feel when you first see Cinderella’s Castle!  Colourful bikes that are used by the everybody who works there are all parked outside the cafeteria while the employees go have lunch at one of their many favourite canteens there.  The chatter and laughter dominates the surroundings making Google for sure, the Happiest Office on Earth!

What a fun day that was!

Gina and I came home both knowing that our husbands are were they want to be!!  And if husbands are happy, we are happy!

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