7 thoughts on “A Taste of England”

  1. Looks yummy! And very English. But what is homemade fresh cream? Do you have cows??!!

    My mother had an appliance called a Bel Cream Maker. In the day fresh cream was not easily available, and was prohibitively expensive. You melted unsalted butter in an equal amount of milk, and then pumped it through the machine so that it emulsified. It was like magic. They have them on ebay as vintage kitchenalia, and I couldn’t resist. I have a beautiful glass and aluminium one.

    Want to eat one of those splits NOW!


    1. If only I had cows…:)
      It’s exactly what I have…one of those cream gadgets…I attach it to my Kenwood Mixer and have cream in 5 mins…love that thing. The only thing is that it does not whip the cream stiff…:it’s just good to pour onto fruit pies etc…

  2. If you increase the amount of butter to milk, you can whip it. At least, that worked with the Bel Cream Maker! I had no idea that there was a modern attachment doing the same job!!

    So glad I found Tal-Forn!

    1. OOh me too…glad you found me 🙂

      Even when I made equal amounts of butter to milk, it still would n ot whip up 🙁 I’ll try it again though…just to make sure.

      And my Kenwood is 14yrs old and I had to get the attachment through ebay…so not sure if they still make this…it’s just my most favourite gadget I have in my kitchen. So much easier than having to go to the store and can have cream any time you want…

    1. Oh my goodness…you’re a champ!! Where did you find this link? So it seems I have been doing everything right, but maybe not letting the cream cool enough for as many hours!! I can’t believe you found this!! I’m so happy 🙂 Thank you soo much…

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