Christmas Cake with a tiny tree
Christmas Cake with a tiny tree

8 thoughts on “Holidays”

  1. hey there miss gina……and u thought i would forget your birthday………as if!!!!
    happi happi happi birthday my dear friend xxxxxxxxxxx love your new site

  2. Hi, Greetings from Marsa, I subscribed in your web page, but I am still being asked to Subscribe to your blog. Best wishes Joe & Loris

  3. Hi, I wrote on Kevin’s Facebook. Am waiting for a reply !!!! It’s a pity we cannot taste some of these cakes. I really enjoyed your web site. Dad told me about it last Thursday. Best regards, Joe and Loris

  4. Just found your site. I’ve been looking for a dough recipe for the qassatat. Experimented with olive oil, glad to see you mention that and I’m going to use my machine instead of hand mixing.

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