Who Let The Goats Out?


Goat Sign
Harley Farm Sign

If  you’d’ve told me last year, that not only would I be going to a Goat Farm BUT actually look forward to it, I would’ve laughed and thought Funny Farm maybe but not a goat farm! But I did!! And we went!!   And then I started thinking how this came to be…

I can truly blame this series of events on the Ftira!!  Because if it weren’t for the Ftira, I would not have met my dear dear friend Ivy of Merci Chocolat, who in turn would not have gotten me to try making French Cheeses!  And that is how I got interested in making Goats Cheese other than Gbejniet!

When Kevin’s boss recommended a visit to Harley Farms Goat Dairy at Pescadero, I knew we had to go and, this week, I finally booked a tour.  We went there yesterday and I have to say, that even with the looong two hour windy road trip we had to take to get there, it was definitely worth it!

Farm Shop
Farm Shop

We checked in at the Shop and had a look around while we waited for the rest of the group to show up.  They had all sort of merchandise for sale all goat related…from lotions to goat hair blankets to rakes and shovels and gorgeous hand made pottery!

Mustard Path
Mustard Path

There were about twenty of us taking the tour of the farm which was led by a young and very knowledgeable girl who took us  through the mustard path to the goat pen where there were about a hundred female pregnant goats just lapping up the beautiful sunshine and one very proud male goat!!!  Two Llamas also roamed the vast field like kings in their castle!

Milking Barn
Milking Barn

We were told the history of the farm and how Dee Harley, the owner, came to the States from Yorkshire, fell in love with the  place and started making her own Goats Cheese which is sold in stores all over California. We were then taken to where they milk the goats twice a day and were told that each goat produces a gallon of milk each time they get milked.  It is quickly harvested and turned to cheese and it is the freshness of the milk that results into the creamiest and delicious cheese ever.


Dee Harley
Dee Harley


Of course, I had to ask if it was possible to purchase some fresh goats milk but was told that unfortunately  this was not possible as they needed a special permit to sell.  So that was the only bummer of the day but I quickly got over it when we got to see how the cheese was made and also tasted all the cheeses they had available at the store!  It was pretty hard to choose my favourite because they were all so darn good but I think the Monet topped the charts.

Baby Goats

So now I want to try making my own Chevre with my own herbs and my own edible flowers and dried fruit combination.  And who knows…we might NEED to go back and meet the baby goats!!  So stay tuned…



12 thoughts on “Who Let The Goats Out?”

  1. What a lovely day Georgina! Did you say pottery!! And local honey, jams, lotions, and baby goats too! Looks like I will be going with the kids very soon. I bet the farm didn’t know you would be their biggest advertisement. Great post. Spring is upon us indeed.

    1. Oh I knew this post would get your attention Dolly!! Ha ha…all that’s missing in this picture is a “plants for sale” section! You’ll love it here and you should go in the beginning of March cause I heard you can pick up the baby goats!! I would’ve waited if I knew the goats were expecting but it’ll be an excuse to go again 🙂

  2. Ha ha You know that I have to comment on this one for sure!!!! Thank you so much for mentioning me and my blog on your blog that was so so sweet of you. And OMG that was such a nice farm and how nice that you got to tour the whole thing and you must go back to meet those baby goats!!!! I wish I was able to go with you guys. But what a bummer that they do not sell goat milk or else that would have been perfect for your Chevre and your Valencay!!! I love making chevre cuz they are so creamy and so fast and easy to do and it is delicious when you just wanted something quick and fresh. You are now an expert on cheesemaking my friend and so happy that you like the process of it. It makes me smile whenever I see cheese and goats and cows. ha ha ha cannot wait to see your fresh Chevre with your very own herbs, what kind of herbs are you putting in? Thank you for sharing your fun trip and I cannot wait to see you soon.

  3. Ha ha, like I said, this trip would not have been if it weren’t for you Missy Chan:) I’m glad I let you persuade me into trying my hand at cheese making! I still haven’t tried making Chevre and now am itching to try it out!! Thank YOU for not giving up on me when I kept flip flopping back and forth about making cheese and knowing my capabilities more than myself!

  4. This was so lovely, G! I have no doubt that before long, you will be making cheese to rival these ones..and I hope to be one of the lucky ones to sample them 🙂

  5. I just noticed that the photos you took of the cheese making have young kids in them! Does everyone get to make some cheese and take it home? or is it just the little ones? That looks like a fabulous tour!

    1. I can’t wait to try Chevre now that I’ve tried it at Harley Farms. So we did not really get to make cheese. We went to where the milk is kept and turned into cheese. There was some coagulated cheese already there on the table, and the tour guide, helped the kids put it together. So it wasn’t exactly hands on! It was fun just the same:)

        1. No…didn’t get to see them get milked either…it’s a very confined space that…so I don’t think that even if we were there during that time, that it would’ve been part of the tour. If we hadn’t hit traffic, it would’ve been a perfect day. Loved the scenic drive through Half Moon Bay…I’d like to go there again and see what else there is to see!

    1. I meant to say it sounds like a fabulous trip! Did you say pottery!! And jam, jelly, and cheese too! We will have to take the kids soon. Maybe for their upcoming b’day. Very cool post Georgina, and love all the photos too.

      1. Don’t expect too much pottery…there’s just enough to get your interest:) I’m sure it’ll be a great day out for the girls! Make sure to check the weather when you book…and one more thing, they get booked up early so you might have to do that a couple of weeks before! Let me know how you like it:)

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