Hobz or Ftira biz-zejt u l-Kunserva

Hobz biz-zejt u l-kunserva

Now that we’ve mastered the Maltese Bread and Ftira, we can work on the filling!!  In Malta, our most favourite way to have the bread is with kunserva.   Hobz biz zejt u l-kunserva…nothing like it.  So that’s bread with tomato paste and olive oil.

Of course you can also go all gourmet and add anything that you like…maltese sausage, gbejniet,  which is a type of maltese cheese, canned tuna fish, chopped up onion, cannelini beans, pickled veggies, capers, olives…the list is endless…make up your own combination of your favourite things.  Parsley or Basil, some olive oil, salt and pepper and oh it’s just heaven on earth!

5 thoughts on “Hobz or Ftira biz-zejt u l-Kunserva”

  1. Would you believe I had a friend in middle school who just contacted me on FB expressing her condolenses about my father and told me she still remembers him showing her how to make the fresh tomato with the olive oil on crispy bread, and that she still makes these sandwiches today! They’re ALWAYS the best sandwiches – especially while sitting on the beach in Malta 🙂

  2. Oh that’s such a sweet memory of your dad Di! As Maltese, we’re all very proud of this snack! Always the first thing we recommend to foreigners…just soo easy and tasty! And yep…by the beach, it always goes down the nicest 🙂

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