A little bit of home…

Fountain in Valletta

On certain days I feel more homesick than others.  Even though I’ve been living away from Malta for twenty years, I still feel that twinge of sadness when I see photos of Malta or read what’s going on on my little Island.  One thing that helps on days like these, is baking Maltese goods…but yesterday I found another way to feel the closeness and get that good old fuzzy home feeling.

Captain's Window in Gozo


My friend Karl sent me a link to a show on HGTV called House Hunters where they feature couples and people from all over the world, looking for real estate in Malta.  I tell you…it’s just what the doctor’s ordered!!


View from Upper Barrakka

I’m afraid this link can only be accessed by residents in the US.

2 thoughts on “A little bit of home…”

  1. Oh G I totally hear you about still being sad when u see parts of Malta cuz that’s your home town! And if my hometown is as beautiful as Malta I think I would be sad too lol! Don’t get me wrong I love my Hong Kong too ha ha but u are very lucky to have came from such a wonderful place and I cannot wait to go there again and hopefully with you next time! Btw love that episode of HI

  2. I thought there was only one House Hunter show about Malta…but there are more!! I’m so enjoying them. I keep looking to see if there’s anybody I know…ha 🙂

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