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First time I went to Amelia’s, owner of Hidden Fortress, I wasn’t sure what to expect!  I’d heard she had chickens and was a famous micro brewer and that we were going there to make some cider!

What impressed me the most, since I’m not a cider drinker, were all the different kinds of chickens and roosters that were happily clucking away in their castle like coop! From then on I became a believer that happy chickens make happy eggs.

Well this past weekend I got to know that Amelia has added geese to her happy family and Kevin brought me some goose eggs to prove it! The egg shells are super strong and need a good whack to crack them open as Kevin found out while making his Sunday morning omlette!   Look at these beauties!!  The middle photo shows the difference between a chicken’s egg and a goose’s egg.