2 thoughts on “Nest In Bird House”

  1. Georgina, thanks for posting this. I love seeing your backyard, the gorgeous blooming flowers, busy little birds, and the birdhouse. You make me wish to be sitting there watching!

    Who painted the birdhouse? The painted pink flowers look just like the real ones beside them!

  2. It is a small house, but it is full of action…and hopefully one day you will come over and we’ll sit in my kitchen and enjoy the view together Robin:)

    I had painted the birdhouse background but felt it needed something. So one day I had my friend’s daughter over and she’s a budding artist. So I put her to work:) And now I think of her every day:) It’s not the first time the hummingbirds hover around those flowers probably wondering why it wasn’t tasting so good:)

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