10 thoughts on “Just like Jelly Beans”

  1. I wonder if the adults will get aggressive with you around the nest or accept you as part of the environment? There is nothing like being dive-bombed by an angry male hummingbird. They make a noise coming down like a shrill whistle and then come and stare you in the face before taking off.

  2. Oh is that what they’re doing when they come stare at you in the face? I thought they were being curious not angry! And I used to feel special…ha ha…:)

  3. We are being careful now, and using the garage door as our means of entry and exit as the lemon tree is right by the front gate as I feel bad when she flies off every time we are near. A few years ago, I was at a nursery and people were just walking by this hummingbird and she did not budge…just sat there in her nest while customers just stared in awe (from a distance of course). It would be nice if she accepted us that way!

  4. How lucky you are to have a thriving nest!!! ;-)) The back page essay on Martha Stewart Living’s March edition is a must read…have a great day!! xo

  5. Aren’t you the lucky ones!!! Now that your babies are about to leave the nest you get more babies! :))

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