Disneyland ~ Not Just The Happiest Place On Earth


Well, when I went outside this morning, the sight that met me did make me very happy though.

Disneyland, one of my more compact rose bushes, always gives a marvelous spring display of roses, but I’ve never seen it produce over twenty four blooms on one stalk.

8 thoughts on “Disneyland ~ Not Just The Happiest Place On Earth”

    1. Every spring, I tell myself to feed the bushes…I might’ve forgotten I fed, and fed again. I might have over achieved as well 🙂

    1. Some roses do smell like heaven…this one doesn’t…BUT, I think I prefer them not to have a scent cause sometimes they can be overwhelming…

      Thank you qalbi 🙂 xx

  1. Just lovely!! I don’t know what they are called I used to have similar small rosebush under my living room window. If was gorgeous! Last year Mo had it pulled out during remodeling. It was just bushy, didn’t get as many roses anymore! 🙁

  2. Whenever I uproot any of my bushes, they take two to three years before they start pumping out roses like they used to…so by next year you should start seeing progress. I love this colour on flowers…sherbert is it?? My favourite:)

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